Store Portal

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project description

The Store Portal Consists of an API, Web Admin, Application Server and Store Fulfillment Website. This application allows a client to use its network of Store Front locations to fulfill orders based on inventory, proximity and other business rules of allocation.

The order management system uses the series of allocation rules to determine the best store to route an order to. Once an order appears in the Store Portal at a particular store front, the end user is guided down a simple set of steps to pick, pack and ship the order using built in integration with carriers such as UPS, MetaPack, FedEX and

The Store Portal also has built in workflows to handle "Local Delivery" and "In Store Pickup" in accordance with specific eCommerce functionality.

This application is integrated with a digital scale, hand scanner, zebra thermal printer, laser printer and in some instances, a toshiba fiscal printer.

This application has just completed development on its 4th version and is currently deployed to stores for different clients in use throughout Mexico, England, Poland and the US. As such, it has localization built in to allow it to utilize many different languages, as well as, adhearing to local laws such as requiring fiscal receipts in each shipped box.

project info
  • Company : Speed Commerce
  • Date : 2012 - 2015
  • Role : Architect, Lead Developer