Accutech Automated Bagger

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project description

After an audit of warehouse activities we were advised to develop a process for picking and packing single unit orders differently from multi unit orders. Which we did. Once that was in place it made the investment of an auto-bagger a no-brainer.

Accutech developed a dynamic automated system for processing apparel, linens and shoes. This is a fully-automated system that includes selective catalog insertion, invoice printing, label application and verification of order.

This was a fun project because it was one of the first times I got to work with using PHP to integrate with machinery. The integration points were fairly lightweight, in FTP and Socket connections, and the over all design is that of the "dark side of the moon". We would chunk a bunch of order data (FTP) over to the Accutech system, and then wait for it to come back to our system over a socket connection. If it came back as good we mark the order as packed, if not so good we mark the order as exception. Everything in the middle was all Accutech.

project info
  • Company : Speed Commerce
  • Date : Summer 2012
  • Role : Architect, Lead Developer